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Prado Enea Gran Reserva Bodegas Muga 2006 JS98/RP96/WS92/WE92

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Prado Enea Gran Reserva, Bodegas Muga 2006

Bodegas Muga是西班牙Rioja產區的重要名莊。酒莊共釀5款紅酒,最貴的是Aro, 然後Torre Muga, Prado Enea, Selection Especial(前排介紹過) 和 Muga Rioja。

若您飲過多次全系列的酒款之後,心目中Muga酒莊釀得最精彩的酒應該是Prado Enea ,屬於老式的Gran Reserva紅酒。而Aro或Torre走的是新式路線,每瓶出廠要價110歐元(Torre 60歐),因為太濃厚,有太多新木桶香氣,不是我心目中的傳統Rioja;連酒莊第三代的經營者與釀酒師Manu和Jorge Muga都私下承認釀造這款酒只是要證明他們也有能力釀出美國酒評家Robert Parker喜好的高分酒。 p.s. 呢位酒評家退休了,聽聞很多澳洲酒莊不再追求爆香、落重本用新桶的technical wine, 開始還原基本步,釀造terroir driven wine, 以表現風土特質。這樣大家以後就可以飲到不同風味的澳洲酒了。

Rioja Prado Enea Gran Reserva, Bodegas Muga 2006, 葡萄品種:70% Tempranillo, 20% Garnacha and the remaining 10% Mazuelo and Graciano, 橡木桶內發酵,不控制溫度,不添加酵母。浸漬期時間長短不定,但可以持續長達20天。將葡萄酒在大橡木桶中陳釀12個月之後,再在橡木桶中陳釀36個月,最後入樽陳釀最少36個月,才出售。

*98 pts James Suckling*
A powerful and layered red with ripe berry, cedar and licorice notes. Roses and sandalwood. Full body, very deep and intense. Changing all the time in the glass. A superb wine. Drink or hold.

*96 pts Robert Parker's Wine Advocate*
The 2006 Prado Enea is a phenomenal bottle of traditional Rioja at its best. A blend of 70% Tempranillo, 20% Garnacha and the remaining 10% Mazuelo and Graciano aged for a long time in oak and bottled before release. This is a practice quite common from yesteryear, but that is a true rarity today. The technical data provided talks about incredible parameters, 14% alcohol and a pH of 3.39, both extremely low for a warm vintage like 2006. The grapes are sourced from higher-altitude terraced plots where the climate is cooler and drier and the soils are rich in clay. This is a wine that is not automatically produced every year. The wine spends its elevage in oak containers of different size, origin and age for no less than three years. The nose is intoxicating with a superb mixture of tertiary and more primary aromas like old furniture, cloves, cracked pepper, incense and cigar ash plus cherries in liqueur (that Garnacha!). The palate is medium-bodied, with great freshness (Jorge Muga tells me the pH is stabilized with aging in barrel), acidity and balance, with a silky texture, ultra-fine tannins and great persistence and length. This wine feels younger than it is, and seems to be aging at a glacial pace. With the stuffing and balance it has this should make very old bones, and drink greatly throughout its life. Superb! At this quality level the price seems like a bargain. 90,000 bottles produced. The next Prado Enea will be 2009 as they didn't get what they look for in this wine in either 2007 and 2008. Those were two cold vintages, and 2007 had 100 liters of rain during the harvest. Prado Enea is harvested in November and in 2008 there was frost at the end of October.


Triga 2016

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★西班牙酒評Guia Peñín 連續幾年比94分以上
★年產1100箱, 其中400箱賣去美國

著名澳洲釀酒師Chris Ringland主導的西班牙酒款,85%Monastrell, 15% Cab。 
香氣濃郁奔放:黑色水果(偏果脯),甜香料,甘草,藥草還有些煙草等;入口飽滿,單寧強壯但是成熟又細膩,果味的成熟度和濃縮度也很好,最重要的是濃郁的同時有很好的酸度。收尾長,有明顯的藥草味兒。果味的濃縮度,入口的結構感,集中度都比人蒙瓶以為係 意大利的Amarone。建議原瓶醒酒最少3小時。

85% ungrafted Monastrell, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon.

2015年份酒評: Wine Spectator 92 (Mar 2019): 
Dense and velvety, this red is packed with ripe blackberry, cocoa and toasty flavors, while black olive and mineral notes keep this balanced. Well-integrated tannins and balsamic acidity impart an unobtrusive structure. A bold, modern style. Monastrell and Cabernet Sauvignon. Drink now through 2025.

西班牙著名的釀酒廠Bodegas Volver 在Alicante省新成立的酒莊。釀造呢款旗艦酒 Triga的葡萄來自5個不同的葡萄園,4個葡萄園1925-1935年種植未嫁接Monastrell老藤,1個葡萄酒1981年種植Cabernet Sauvignon, 海拔在650-750米之間。區域因海拔高度有差異及地中海氣候影響。冬季寒冷,山峰常積雪,溫差很大,溫度可由 -6℃至15-20℃。在夏季,白天氣溫可高達40℃,但夜間可急劇下降至10℃左右。


Vega Sicilia Alion 2008 WA95/IWC92

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【西班牙國寶級Vega-Sicilia 加持,飲家必選】
【Born to Make History】

Vega Sicilia Alion 2008 ,WA95/IWC92/ *vivino4.3(2356酒評)*

Vega Sicilia 買下了15公里外的破產的Bodegas Liceo, 成立Alion, 目標是"Born to make History" 。1991年成為莊主Pablo Alvarez 第三個仔(大仔酒王Unico, 二仔Valbuena, 和96年出世的細仔Pintia)。100% Tempranillo, 來自靚區Ribera del Duero的靚村Valbuena, Pesquera, Padilla, 30年樹齡, 14個月全新法國最出名橡木桶(Radoux/Taranssaud/Saury/Vicard), 出售前入瓶再15個月以上係酒窖陳年。

95 pts Neal Martin, Wine Advocate (205), February 2013:

If I was asked to hold up a bottle of what modern Ribera del Duero should taste like and what is should aspire to, the 2008 Alion would be the one in my hand. It has more intensity and volume on the nose when compared directly with the 2007. Tasted in February 2012, and then in January 2013, it remains a fabulous expression of Ribera del Duero. It boasts of heavenly bouquet of black plum, crushed violets and tobacco that soar from the glass, while displaying a level of delineation that would serve a lesson to many of its peers. The palate is medium-bodied with supple, silky-smooth tannins that belie the structure underneath. The acidity lends the 2008 a little more edginess than the 2007, while the finish has a wonderful sense of symmetry and focus. World class. Drink 2016-2025+.


Flor de Pingus 2012 WA93/AG93/ST93

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提起Ribera del Duero人們就會想到西班牙酒王Vega Sicilia,但其實還有一款稀世珍釀和Vega Sicillia並駕齊驅,同樣襯托起Ribera del Duero西班牙首席葡萄酒產區的光環,就是Dominio de Pingus。

今日介紹Flor de Pingus是Domino de Pingus的副牌酒,均出自西班牙偉大釀酒師Peter Sisseck。但是實際上Flor de Pingus並不是如同一般副牌酒 採用正牌同葡萄園較年輕的葡萄所生產的,Flor de Pingus的葡萄園是完全和Pingus分開來的。 2012年份果實取自La Horra十六個地塊,分別在小型不銹鋼桶和4000L不銹鋼桶中發酵,再在橡木桶中進行(50%新桶,50%一年桶),之後在桶中繼續陳年18個月。

正牌酒Pingus 2012拿到WA100分。
副牌酒Flor de Pingus 2012只需正牌酒的10分之一價錢, WA93/AG93/ST93/vivino4.4(2063酒評)

Falstaff Magazin 93/100
Stephen Tanzer 93/100
El Mundo Vino 17.5/20
Wine Advocate 93/100
Antonio Galloni 93/100

93 pts Wine Advocate:

The 2012 Flor de Pingus is produced with the fruit from 16 plots of vineyards in La Horra (Burgos) which are vinified by plot in small, 4,000-liter stainless steel vats mostly with indigenous yeasts. Malolactic fermentation was carried out in barrels (50% new, 50% second-use) where the wine aged for 16-18 months. It-s again an austere closed red, with a shy nose that needs pulling. What you get is very harmonious and elegant, no exuberance here, but classical proportions, perfectly integrated oak and superb balance. A very worthy version of Flor, a wine that has grown a lot since the initial vintages.


Lopez de Heredia Vina Bosconia 2007 TA96/JS95/WA93

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Vina Bosconia是裝於布根地型酒瓶中,原因很簡單,因為一開始這個葡萄園主要種植就是黑皮諾Pinot Noir ,這是創莊莊主Rafael Lopez de Heredia y Landeta先生為了仿效法國布根地而開發出來的葡萄園,一直十九世紀末,這個園高比例Pinot Noir所釀造出來的紅酒,還一直命名為 “Rioja Cepa Borgona”(布根地品種Rioja紅酒)。
作為Rioja地區最古老的三家酒莊之一,R.Lopez de Heredia是少部分仍保持家族式經營的酒莊。釀造這款酒的葡萄均來自於海拔465米左右的El Bosque葡萄園,平均樹齡約為40年。El Bosque葡萄園面積為十五公頃,其中十一公頃為Tempranillo,兩公頃為Garnacho,以及各一公頃的Mazuelo和Graciano。秉持酒莊的傳統,Vina Bosconia Tinto Reserva同樣在大型橡木桶中進行陳年培醞長達五年,裝瓶後必須再經過六到八年的瓶中陳年才能上市。

*96 pts Tim Atkin*
The Bosconia vineyard, which has always been vinified separately at the winery, has more clay in the soil and tends to produce richer, plumper wines that are priced below Tondonia. This cuvée of Tempranillo with 10% Garnacha and 5% each of Graciano and Mazuelo has caressing sweetness, supple tannins and notes of dill and tobacco. 2019-28

*95 pts James Suckling*
A stunning vintage of this Rioja classic. Ripe and concentrated, yet cool and delicate with tons of fine tannin. Lots of earthy, autumnal Burgundy-like nuances, as well as notes of violets and plums. Long, complete finish. Drink or hold.

*93 pts Robert Parker's Wine Advocate*
2006 was a hard year to follow, even if 2007 was a great year in Rioja and exceptional for López de Heredia. The 2007 Viña Bosconia Reserva shows a little tannic, fulfilling the reputation for being a more rustic wine than Viña Tondonia. There are notes of chocolate-covered cherries and hints of forest floor. Maybe with a little more time in bottle? 70,000 bottles produced. It was bottled in May 2014.


CVNE Imperial Gran Reserve 2007

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★Wine Spectator Top 100 #1 (2004)
★Wine Advocate:C.V.N.E. needs absolutely no introduction. It is seen as a bastion of traditional Rioja

CVNE Imperial Gran Reserva 2007
特價$480, 6支起 *$440* /支,歡迎Mix。

Rioja Alta 最精華葡萄園中心的Haro,名莊林立,其中簡稱為CVNE 的Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España(西班牙北方葡萄酒公司),創立於1879年,堪稱利奧哈最重量級的老字號酒廠。

雖然隨著時代的進步更新了大多的釀酒設備,但在CVNE酒廠中留著的是百年傳承的熱血,雖然也推出充滿現代風格且貴價的特別酒款,但在旗下眾多品牌當中,最知名的當然首推”Imperial”,這個從1920年開始生產上市的酒款,全部以來自位於Villalba和Haro的自有葡萄園,其中85%為Tempranillo並混合約15%的Graciano和Mazuelo,手工採收並嚴格篩選最健康且成熟度最佳的葡萄,只限定在最好的年份生產”Gran Reserva”,通常經過10年以上的陳年才會推出市場,酒香熟美複雜,酒質精緻、風格優雅,而且具備陳年實力。

*93 pts Wine Advocate:*
The 2007 Imperial Gran Reserva is again a great wine in the making. Red fruit and plenty of spices (nutmeg), the palate shows great acidity and abundant tannins that need resolving with time in bottle. Great tension and nerve. I think it will take some time to be released, which is good as it will require some patience. Drink 2016-2021.

*93 pts Stephen Tanzer,* International Wine Cellar, September 2014:
Brilliant ruby-red. Complex, highly perfumed scents of red fruit preserves, vanilla, woodsmoke and sandalwood, with a sexy floral quality in the background. Quite concentrated for the vintage, offering sweet red and dark berry flavors firmed by a spine of minerality. Closes smooth, broad and spicy, with outstanding focus and fine-grained tannins. While one could enjoy this wine immensely right now, my guess is that it has at least a good decade-plus of life ahead of it.


La Rioja Alta "Viña Ardanza" Reserva Rioja 2009 JS96/TA95/WA93/Decanter 91

Hong Kong Price 價錢:

96 pts James Suckling:
This is a powerful and rich red with black truffle and blueberry character. Sweet tobacco, too. Full body, tannic and flavorful. Yet open and polished. Fantastic finish. Great ageing potential. Drink or hold.


Bodegas Faustino I Gran Reserva 2009

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【西班牙Rioja 157年酒莊】
Bodegas Faustino I Gran Reserva
26個月係法國和美國橡木桶陳釀,入樽再放36個月才推出市場。8X%Tempranillo, 其它Graciano 和Mazuelo. 香草、梅子、橡木香、黑醋栗,中等均衡的酸度,酒體中等,邊醒邊飲2-4小時,香氣多了紅色水果、櫻桃,口感更柔滑,收尾帶點辛辣香料和甜美的葡萄干。


Bodegas Volver Tarima Hill Old Vines Monastrell 2015 JD93/WS92/ #17 Wine Spectator 100 of the Year 2017

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【西班牙性價比之選】 Bodge Volver Tarima Hill Old Vines Monastrell 2015 , 45~75歲老藤, JD93/WS92/Vinous 91/ vivino4.0(1419酒評)
Wine Spectator 2017年度 Top 100 第17名的西班牙 樹齡45-75年的 Old Vines Monastrell。 熟莓、黑桑子, 第二香氣(second aroma) pepper、乾果、礦物未係好出,若隱若現。酒體飽滿,填滿口腔,漿果一陣陣出黎,收尾有一絲絲漿果甜。

Robert Parker:  "This is one of the top value wineries in all of Spain. They produce an amazing amount of inexpensive, high-quality wine that sells for a song." 

93pts Jeb Dunnuck: 
From old vines and aged 14-16 months in French oak, the 2015 Tarima Hill sports an inky color as well as a smoking bouquet of black raspberries, blueberries, pepper, and dried flowers. It's broad, expansive, and sweetly fruited, with a great mid-palate and sweet tannin. It's a sexy fruit bomb done with class!

92 pts Wine Spectator (Dec 2017): 
This red shows grace and depth. Black cherry, plum, mineral and smoke flavors mingle harmoniously over well-integrated tannins, while lively acidity keeps this focused. Not showy, but all the pieces fit together. Balanced, in the modern style. Drink now through 2025.


Vega Sicilia Alion 2008 WA94/JR17+

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西班牙國寶級Vega-Sicilia 加持,飲家必選: Vega Sicilia Alion 2013 

Vega Sicilia 買下了15公里外的破產的Bodegas Liceo, 成立Alion, 目標是"Born to make History" 。1991年成為莊主Pablo Alvarez 第三個仔(大仔酒王Unico, 二仔Valbuena, 和96年出世的細仔Pintia)。100% Tempranillo, 來自靚區Ribera del Duero的靚村Valbuena, Pesquera, Padilla, 30年樹齡, 14個月全新法國最出名橡木桶(Radoux/Taranssaud/Saury/Vicard), 出售前入瓶再15個月以上係酒窖陳年。

94 pts Luis Gutierrez, Wine Advocate (229), February 2017:
The careful selection of the grapes and the work directives even for the purchased grapes has clearly paid off in the 2013 Alión, which has great freshness and perfume. It was cropped from a relatively normal growing season, but with a cold September with some rains that provoked a slight delay in the picking and especially the seed for a severe sorting of the grapes. It's considered a challenging vintage in general, and the bottles produced are slightly less than in the healthier 2012. It's always pure Tempranillo from over 30-year-old vines in different villages: Pesquera, Padilla, Moradillo... It fermented in oak vats with indigenous yeasts after a three-day cold soak, followed by malolactic and 12-14 months in new French barriques. It might be a lighter vintage for Alión, but one that has a subtler profile and harmony. The palate is medium-bodied with very fine tannins, with a thread of acidity going through its core and lifting it up. An elegant Alión. 260,000 bottles and some larger formats were filled in May 2015.


Bodegas Castano Solanera vinas viejas

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產區:Yecla 品種: Mourvedre, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache 這款酒從1999年起就被Robert Parker本人打分數至今, 沒有一年的分數低於90分, 平均分數約92分, 不過價格一路走來都非常的"誘人". 而2012年份除了被Parker給了史上最高的94分, 更如此形容道:"This full-bodied, intense 2012 tastes like it should cost three to five times as much." 其餘的, 我們就不多做解釋; 不過, 看著諸多世界大廠, 例如: 澳洲的Penfolds, 將旗下酒款都漲到一個令人不知所以然的價格;相比之下,這支西班牙酒, 無疑是10年前的Penfolds Bin389/ 407 or, even much better. 還有, Parker的評語中, 出現了 "Stunningly pure", 我想, 這是一瓶好葡萄酒都需要有的"關鍵口感".  RP  94   


Bodegas Volver Tarima Organic 2012 RP90

Hong Kong Price 價錢:

90 points - Robert Parker's Wine Advocate
The 2012 Tarima Monastrell Organic displays an opaque purple color along with abundant blueberry and black raspberry fruit intermixed with a hint of crushed chalk. Medium to full-bodied with amazing concentration, this big, savory, mouthfilling red should drink nicely for 5-6 years.


Toro Albala Don PX Gran Reserva 1987 (WA94)

Hong Kong Price 價錢:

BODEGAS Toro Albala Don PX Gran Reserva 1987 

94  Points Luis Gutiérrez, The Wine Advocate, Apr 2016 :

Each year they select a number of single vintage, sweet PX wines to be bottled, the first of which (besides the young wine) is the 1987 Don Px Gran Reserva in 2016 - a wine aged in American oak casks for some 28 years. These wines are almost indestructible, so the drinking windows are mostly academic. This showcases the classical aromas and palate of an old PX from Montilla, strong notes of dark chocolate, dried figs and plums, raisins and sweet spices; the dense, thick and persistent palate where the 380 grams of unfermented sugar are not noticeable, as they are balanced by good acidity that also gets concentrated by age. This is probably the densest of all the wines I tasted today, and there is a distinct, perfumed, almost floral note here (is it violet pastille?), which makes it extremely attractive. It's also the most drinkable of all these old vintages, very balanced within its sweet profile, with marked flavors (also licorice and black olives) that stay in your mouth for one minute. Exotic and exuberant. This is incredibly young and lively, and very good value for the age and quality it delivers. 52,000 liters bottled. 

產區:D.O. Montilla-Moriles, Spain

品種: 100% Pedro Ximénez

釀酒 : Selected lots of Pedro Ximénez are destined for oak barrels, sealed and left for decades in single-vintage state. After a minimum of 25 years, thereby becoming a Gran Reserva, vintages are selected for release only when they have attained classical character. Opaque, black mahogany color with a caramel-like bite.

釀酒師: Antonio Sánchez Romero

酒精:  17% 

酒莊: BODEGAS TORO ALBALÁ, Founded in 1844, occupying Aguilar de la Frontera's former power station in 1922. In 1970 Toro Albalá was the first Montilla producer to commercialize bottled dessert Pedro Ximénez and remains the world's only specialist in 100% Vintage PX. Impeccable and authentic Fino, Amontillado and Oloroso containing only the natural alcohol from fermentation are produced by the classic solera method. 






Finca Villacreces Pruno 2013 RP93

Hong Kong Price 價錢:

RP93 - Tasting Note

A blend of 90% Tempranillo and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon aged 12 months in French oak, is stunning, simply over-delivering in so many different ways. This wine, which offers up copious quantities, of blueberry, black raspberry and black currant fruit, licorice, graphite and meaty notes, offers fabulous aromatics, medium to full-bodied mouthfeel, beautiful, pure texture and a long, heady finish with subtle oak. Whats amazing is the French oak is all two-year-old, super-expensive Darnajou barrels...


Vina Tondonia Reserva Lopez de Heredia 2004 WA94

Hong Kong Price 價錢:

Vina Tondonia Reserva Lopez de Heredia 2004

品種: 75% Tempranillo, 15% Garnacha, 10% Graciano and Mazuelo

酒莊成立於1877年, Rioja最古老的三家酒莊之一,這家酒莊至今仍被認為是傳統Rioja的衛士,時至今日,他們仍在以最古老的方式釀酒,一切就像一百多年前的模樣,經典的韻味十足。 酒莊 屬於R. López de Heredia家族,擁有四塊葡萄田(Viña Tondonia, ViñaCubillo, Viña Bosconia和 Viña Zaconia)。其中Tondonia出產的葡萄酒最為出名,也代表了家族醉高品質葡萄酒。根據Rioja產區分級制度: Reserva 級別的紅葡萄酒至少酒窖陳年 3 年,其中在橡木桶中陳釀至少 1 年。這款Tinto Reserva 2004僅在橡木桶中陳年就用了6年時間,遠遠超過了法定陳年的時間。2004年是里奧哈產區非常優秀的年份,這一年出產的葡萄酒有足夠的實力可以經受住長期的橡木桶陳放,從而達到果香和陳年香氣的平衡,表現複雜,圓潤細膩。就連RP都認為其適飲期可以長達到2025年。

94 points Wine Advocate:

The 2004 Viña Tondonia Reserva is a completely different story. It is a worthy follower of the 2001, the greatest of the Viña Tondonia Reservas of recent times. It has the usual blend and usual levels of alcohol and acidity, bottled after six years in oak barrels. The nose feels savory (if that's possible–umami?) and developed, with tertiary aromas and good balance between spices, leathery notes, cherries and balsamic notes of cigar box and incense. The palate is both round and crisp, with refined tannins. It has very good balance with subtle acidity and very good persistence.


Bodegas Abanico Hazana Vinas Viejas 2014 RP92

Hong Kong Price 價錢:

Robert Parker's Wine Advocate 92

The 2014 Hazana Vinas Viejas is simply one of the greatest values in Rioja that money can buy. A blend of 85% Tempranillo and 15% Graciano, this collaboration between importer Eric Solomon and the owner and winemaker has produced an absolutely amazing Rioja from 45- to 70-year-old unirrigated, head-pruned vines. Loads of lead pencil shavings, black and red currants, licorice and tobacco leaf all jump from the glass of this dense, ruby/purple wine. Soft tannins, medium to full body and fabulous intensity, make for a sensational Rioja to drink over the next 5-7 years.


Bodegas Muga Selection Especial Reserva 2011 JS95/WS93/RP92

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Bodegas Muga Selection Especial Reserva 2011

Robert Parker 稱它為"Rioja 的Lafite ", 是西班牙Rioja的頂級靚莊,Twitter上最火爆的酒莊之一,英女王也鍾愛有加。Muga Selection Especial Reserva 2011, JS95/WS93/RP92, 高海拔的梯田葡萄園,6個月新法國橡木桶熟成,再加24個月美國橡木桶。入樽後在酒窖再陳年18個月使之完美。70% Tempranillo, 20%Garnacha, 7% Mazuelo, 3%Graciano

James Suckling 95分: 

A complex nose of dried strawberries with slate and white-truffle undertones. Hints of Spanish cedar. Full body, juicy tannins and bright acidity that follows through to a long, clean and earthy finish. A great wine that shows structure and complexity. Drink or hold.

93 Wine Spectator:

This red has a firm backbone and a solid texture, with harmonious flavors of plum, blackberry, licorice, cocoa and espresso. Concentrated yet graceful. Drink now through 2026.

92 Wine Advocate:

The 2011 Reserva Selección Especial, from a warmer and drier year compared with the average (as well as the previous harvest), has a similar blend as the regular Muga Reserva; it is 65% Tempranillo with 20% Garnacha, 10% Graciano and 5% Mazuelo, and it was fermented in small vats with indigenous yeasts. The different varieties and grapes are fermented and aged separately, the first year in new oak and the second one in used barrels. 2011 is a powerful vintage for this cuvée, which now shows quite marked by toasty aromas. Warm vintages usually need longer in bottle to integrate the oak, but experience shows that it gets absorbed and in fact the evolution of this wine in bottle is very good. Even if the nose recommends to wait, the palate is very balanced, with remarkably ripe tannins for such warm year, which can sometime produce some harsh tannins. Not the case here, where the wine shows good elegance and balance. This is a very reliable cuvée, quite stable across vintages.


Grace's Harvest Reserva Toro 2008 80年老藤Tinta de Toro

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來自Grace's Harvest 酒莊的頂級酒款,18個月新木桶陳年(70%法國桶,30%美國桶), 入瓶後再陳放36個月才推出市場銷售。成熟的黑果漿,奶油,煙熏,飽滿濃郁,同Vega Sicilia 個支Pintia 有得比。


PSI Peter Sisseck 2012

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PSI Peter Sisseck 2009
產區:Ribera del Duero, Spain
品種:100% Tempranillo

丹麥人Peter Sisseck 所創立的 Dominio de Pingus 是西班牙Ribera del Duero產區的超級酒莊。近10年來得到眾多酒評家的讚賞,令酒價升到飛起,聲勢媲美同酒區的老字號頂級酒莊Vega Sicilia。Peter Sisseck擅長發掘產區內優質的老樹葡萄園,加上Biodynamic 的耕種和管理,更發揮其潛力,除了早已聲名遠播的Pingus 和 副牌 Flor de Pingus之外, 最新力作就是這支以希臘文第23個字母所命名的PSI 紅酒,主要採收來自產區內不同的老滕葡萄園,並說服果農以Biodynamic的方式來種植葡萄,並發揮出100% Tinto Fino (Tempranillo)的特有風味。



La Rioja Alta 904 Gran Reserva 2005

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La Rioja Alta 904 Gran Reserva 2007 

Tempranillo (90%) and Graciano (10%) from vines over 60 years old in vineyards in Briñas, Labastida and Villalba. 

97 points James Suckling, JamesSuckling.com, January 2016:

Wonderful purity of fruit with a strawberry, currant and plum character. Full and velvety body with ultra-fine tannins and a delicious fresh and fruity finish. Classic Rioja style. Que lindo! Drink now.

95 points Luis Gutierrez, Wine Advocate (226), August 2016:

If Viña Ardanza seems to be going fast, the Gran Reserva 904 is even faster and we're now on the 2007 Gran Reserva 904. This wants to be the classic Gran Reserva--polished, silky and elegant, with aging potential. It is a blend of Tempranillo with 10% Mazuelo aged for four years in well-seasoned American oak barrels, with eight manual rackings. I found that the freshness of the vintage and its relatively young age gave the wine a youngish character that I loved, combining developed notes of meat, spices, leather and balsam with almost cherry-like aromas. The palate feels balanced and elegant, with fine-grained and fully resolved tannins and great acidity. This vintage of 904 surprised me! 150,000 bottles produced.
La Rioja Alta is not resting on their laurels, as they are investing nine million Euros in improving their vineyards and winery, including an optical sorting table.


Bodegas Volver Triga 2012

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產區: DO Alicante, Valencia, Spain

品種: 85% Monastrell, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon

建議陳年: 至2025 Triga is a brand-new project from Jorge Ordóñez and winemaker Rafael Cañizares and produced together with famous Australian winemaker Chris Ringland.. The five vineyards used to produce Triga are located near the largest marble quarry in the world. Four of the five vineyards are planted with Monastrell, the oldest of which was planted in 1925. The fifth vineyard is made up of Cabernet Sauvignon, planted in 1981. Triga’s vineyards stand on fossilized chalk with a stone topsoil at an altitude of 700-750 meters above sea level. Most of these vines are un-grafted and Phylloxera-free.

WS 94, ST93

93 Points, Vinous Antonio Galloni “85% Monastrell and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon. Made from the estate's oldest Monastrell vines, planted back to 1925. Inky ruby. An exotically perfumed bouquet evokes fresh black and blue fruits, incense, potpourri and five-spice powder. Stains the palate with intense boysenberry and cherry compote flavors, given spine and lift by a zesty mineral nuance. Densely packed yet lithe, finishing with outstanding thrust and smooth tannins that build slowly.” 94 Points, Guia Peñin “Colour: cherry, garnet rim. Nose: mineral, expressive, spicy. Palate: flavourful, ripe fruit, long, good acidity, balanced.”


Marques de Murrieta Castillo Ygay Gran Reserva Especial 2001 Guia Peñín 97/WA94

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Marques de Murrieta Castillo Ygay Gran Reserva Especial 2001

Castillo Ygay Gran Reserva Especial是Marqués de Murrieta酒莊的旗艦酒款,也是酒莊傳統派釀製的代表作品(其現代派代表作品則是同樣產自於Ygay酒窖的另一酒款Dalmau),它來自於海拔485米,古老的單一園La Plana(這塊土地歷來只用於“特級珍藏”的生產),經過兩年半的美國橡木桶陳年與三年的瓶陳時間。

94 pts Wine Advocate : 
I reported on the current release, the 2001 Castillo Ygay Gran Reserva Especial, previously but underrated it slightly. This cuvee is sourced from a single plot called La Plana planted at over 1500 feet of elevation. It is made up of 93% Tempranillo and 7% Mazuelo chosen for its acidity. The wine is aged for 10 months in new American oak followed by 21 months in seasoned oak. It is then held in bottle for 3-4 years prior to release. Deeply colored, spicy, elegant and complex, the wine has great volume and grip as well as exceptional length. It can be approached now but will easily have a 30 year lifespan.

Guia Peñín 97
Falstaff Magazin 96
Huon Hooke 95 
Wine Advocate 94
International Wine Cellar 92, 


Herència Altés Garnatxa Blanca Benufet 2015 (WA91)

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Herència Altés Garnatxa Blanca Benufet 2015

產區:DO Terra Alta, Catalunya, Spain

91 Points, Wine Advocate​ "The intriguing nose of the 2015 Benufet is already developing a petrol-like note combined with the meaty white fruit Garnacha Blanca is able to achieve, especially from extremely old vines like this. There is also a faint peachy pit note. The palate is very tasty, it makes you salivate. There is a salty feeling to this that I love. It makes it very tasty. It should age nicely. 7,500 bottles..”

90 Points, James Suckling "Very aromatic with a muscat-type personality and a seriously fresh acidity that will be too much for some. However, this has plenty of substance and good length. Drink now.”



Jorge Ordoñez & Co. Botani Moscatel Old Vines 2015

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Jorge Ordoñez & Co. Botani Moscatel Old Vines 2015

Robert Parker's Top 3 Greatest Value Wines of the Year: #2 @ 2013, #3 @2016

91 POINTS, ROBERT PARKER - 2015 Vintage

"A steal that I’ve been recommending for a number of years is the 2015 Botani Moscatel Old Vines. Totally dry and made from vines planted in 1946, 1968 and 1975, from the incredibly steep slate and quartz hillsides of Malaga, this is fermented with wild yeasts in stainless steel, where it’s aged and bottled after eight months sur lie. An incredibly gorgeous flowery bouquet alone would be reason to spend the $18.00 for this medium-bodied, super-fragrant and seductive, crisp, elegant wine. The old vines, the beautiful floral notes and stunning, delicate tropical fruits that the Muscat of Alexandria varietal (the oldest clone in the Muscat family) produces, are just something to behold. Not meant for aging, but for drinking in its first year of life, so take advantage of it. For those interested: this is fermented in total stainless steel with indigenous yeasts and bottled early to preserve its incredible aromatics."

90 POINTS, ROBERT PARKER - 2014 Vintage
90 POINTS, ROBERT PARKER - 2013 Vintage
90 POINTS, ROBERT PARKER - 2012 Vintage
91 POINTS, ROBERT PARKER - 2011 Vintage

Botani Moscatel Old Vines is a truly unique dry white wine, made from Moscatel de Alejandría grapes. It is the product of a rigorous selection process in which only the best Moscatel vines, located on the north-facing mountainside slopes around the town of Almáchar are used. These vineyards are situated on partially decomposed red slate mixed with white quartz. The scant topsoil is punctuated by outcroppings of the bedrock. Because of the steep incline of the vineyards, the grapes are manually harvested into small 10-kilogram boxes, carried to the winery by mules.