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Vega Sicilia Alion 2008 WA94/JR17+

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西班牙國寶級Vega-Sicilia 加持,飲家必選: Vega Sicilia Alion 2013 

Vega Sicilia 買下了15公里外的破產的Bodegas Liceo, 成立Alion, 目標是"Born to make History" 。1991年成為莊主Pablo Alvarez 第三個仔(大仔酒王Unico, 二仔Valbuena, 和96年出世的細仔Pintia)。100% Tempranillo, 來自靚區Ribera del Duero的靚村Valbuena, Pesquera, Padilla, 30年樹齡, 14個月全新法國最出名橡木桶(Radoux/Taranssaud/Saury/Vicard), 出售前入瓶再15個月以上係酒窖陳年。

94 pts Luis Gutierrez, Wine Advocate (229), February 2017:
The careful selection of the grapes and the work directives even for the purchased grapes has clearly paid off in the 2013 Alión, which has great freshness and perfume. It was cropped from a relatively normal growing season, but with a cold September with some rains that provoked a slight delay in the picking and especially the seed for a severe sorting of the grapes. It's considered a challenging vintage in general, and the bottles produced are slightly less than in the healthier 2012. It's always pure Tempranillo from over 30-year-old vines in different villages: Pesquera, Padilla, Moradillo... It fermented in oak vats with indigenous yeasts after a three-day cold soak, followed by malolactic and 12-14 months in new French barriques. It might be a lighter vintage for Alión, but one that has a subtler profile and harmony. The palate is medium-bodied with very fine tannins, with a thread of acidity going through its core and lifting it up. An elegant Alión. 260,000 bottles and some larger formats were filled in May 2015.


PSI Peter Sisseck 2012

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PSI Peter Sisseck 2009
產區:Ribera del Duero, Spain
品種:100% Tempranillo

丹麥人Peter Sisseck 所創立的 Dominio de Pingus 是西班牙Ribera del Duero產區的超級酒莊。近10年來得到眾多酒評家的讚賞,令酒價升到飛起,聲勢媲美同酒區的老字號頂級酒莊Vega Sicilia。Peter Sisseck擅長發掘產區內優質的老樹葡萄園,加上Biodynamic 的耕種和管理,更發揮其潛力,除了早已聲名遠播的Pingus 和 副牌 Flor de Pingus之外, 最新力作就是這支以希臘文第23個字母所命名的PSI 紅酒,主要採收來自產區內不同的老滕葡萄園,並說服果農以Biodynamic的方式來種植葡萄,並發揮出100% Tinto Fino (Tempranillo)的特有風味。